School Philosophy

Within the premises that it is both logical and imperative that any organization have a broad and basic philosophy, the Scott County Career & Technical Center is committed to operate within the following general statements and concepts.

It is our honor and duty as citizens and educators to establish, provide, and constantly re-evaluate a program of education for the youth of this community and Nation which will contribute in every way possible toward the following goals:

  1. SKILLED PREPARATION - To provide the youth of our Community and Nation with specific training which would facilitate and contribute toward his successful entry, progress, and achievement in the world of work.

  2. CITIZENSHIP PREPARATION - To train and guide our youth toward the love of God and Country with genuine respect and compassion for his fellow men in an atmosphere of progress, achievement, and individual worth.

  3. PREPARATION FOR THE GOOD LIFE - To provide the youth of our Community and Nation with the tools of mind and spirit which would contribute toward the achievement of those self-assessed goals corresponding to personal happiness within an organized and productive society.

  4. ATTITUDE PREPARATION - To provide our youth with the proper attitudes necessary for the acceptance of one's responsibilities in this highly mobile, technical, democratic society in which we live.